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Caregiver Newsletter October 2017

The Family Caregiver Support Program is designed to benefit you in your caregiver role. Services are designed to meet the individual needs of caregivers and their situation. This program connects you with the right information and available community resources for your particular caregiving needs. Services include information and assistance, respite care and other supplemental services.

Structured Family Caregiving is a service through which a participant receives care in their own home or the home of a principal caregiver. The principal caregiver cannot be the participant’s spouse, the parent of a participant who is a minor, or the legal guardian of the participant. Only agencies may offer Structured Family Caregiving. All Structured Family Caregiving settings must be approved and supervised by the provider agency and all paid caregivers are trained and paid by the provider. Please contact the Aging And Disiability Resource Center for additional information regarding Structured Family Caregiving.

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A caregiver provides assistance to another who is experiencing limitations in one or more daily activities. These activities may include: bathing, grooming, meal preparation, grocery shopping, transportation, medication management, feeding, and/or walking – mobilization. Caregivers are also providing kinship care and raising children not their own.

Caregiving may be short term or it may happen over a long period of time. Some people become caregivers gradually while to others, it happens overnight. It depends on the disease, disability, or the reason a child’s parents may no longer be able to care for them.

Those caring for another in the above situations who are unpaid are considered Informal Caregivers or Family Caregivers. These individuals provide help or arrange help for another. Assistance can be provided on a full-time or part-time basis, and the caregiver may or may not live with the person requiring help.

If you have identified yourself as a family or informal caregiver, help is available through the Family Caregiver Support Program to assist you in your role.

The Caregiver Support Coordinator is available to listen to concerns, answer questions and provide information about elder care resources in Southern Indiana. A caregiver presentation is available to local groups and agencies to increase knowledge of caregiver needs and existing caregiver resources.

Access to services and community agencies can be accomplished thru the Caregiver Support Coordinator. The coordinator is available to assist you with making telephone calls, advocating for your needs, and by referrals to appropriate agencies.

Understanding the emotional strain and stresses of caregiving, the Caregiver Support Coordinator can provide materials on coping strategies for caregivers. Local training and conferences will also be developed to meet the needs of caregivers.

Support groups are a valuable tool to caregivers that enable them to meet and discuss with others the rewards and stressors of caregiving. The Caregiver Support Coordinator is available to help start a support group and will also provide information on current groups and other social activities to relieve caregiver isolation.

The Caregiver Support Coordinator has many pamphlets and brochures available on a range of topics.

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